* how to make and interpret charts for friends, family, or clients
* to understand patterns of communication
* how to deepen and make fulfilling all of your relationships

* how to address health concerns more effectively
* when best to travel, move
* Make career choices and business decisions with greater clarity

Robert has created tables and methods of calculation that will give you the confidence to begin your Nine Star Ki studies immediately.  (Available in Spanish, German, Greek, Bulgarian, and Dutch editions.)

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becoming BUDDHA

Nine Star Ki: Feng Shui Astrology for Deepening Self-Knowledge and Enhancing Relationships, Health, and Prosperity

awakening the wisdom and compassion to change your world

With the growing interest in Eastern wisdom traditions and the more recent explosion of interest in Feng Shui and Eastern forms of astrology, Nine Star Ki (the systems Japanese name, also known as Nine House Astrology in China, and the System of Mewas or birthmarks in Tibet), is fast becoming recognized as as one of the most insightful and accessible astrological systems for modern times.

Although immensely successful, Nine Star Ki was out of print for several years.  Now, in these challenging times, Robert felt compelled to once again bring it back into print with the help of iUniverse.

In this edition, you will learn...

* how to calculate your Nine Star Ki numbers
* the Nine Star Ki archetypes
* how to create and understand your own Nine Star Ki numbers