2011 lecture, entitled "A Possible Future,"  at Theosophoical Society bookstore in NYC, click here.

2008 Lecture Series, "Wisdom of The Buddhist Masters," with Robert in London

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Robert hosts a BLOG on his Authors Guild Website.  This BLOG focuses on Robert's observations about global events, whether they are getting much media attention or not, along with his philosophical musings and reflections on any number of personal, transpersonal, and spiritual issues. 

EVENTS: Booksignings, Classes, and Workshops
2019 - TBD

Webinars and E-Courses and DVDs

Enduring Love: from Robert's Book, The Passionate Buddha

The Healing Tradition of the Medicine Buddha

The Buddha Experience

Embracing Death: Based on Robert's Book, Rebirth Into Pure Land


Presentations with "Bridging Heaven and Earth"

awakening the wisdom and compassion to change your world